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BLOG / 12.05.18

Gymnastics Classes!

Did you know CFM has a gymnastics class?! This class meets twice a week, every Tuesday at 5:30 pm and every Wednesday at 8:00 am. This class is designed for athletes of all levels. If you want to get your first pull up or perfect your muscle ups, you will benefit from this class! Just […] Read More

BLOG / 12.05.18

CFM Wellness Committee!

CFM Wellness Committee We Want You! At CFM we are looking to develop a Wellness Committee. And we would love YOU to be part of it. At CFM we are committed to maintaining an active culture built on the cornerstone principles of health, wellness and longevity. We are seeking like-minded members who share an interest […] Read More

BLOG / 12.05.18

Outside the Box

For most people, coming into CFM was outside their comfier zone, but how many of you have become “comfortable” at the gym now? As people get older, it often becomes harder and harder to participate in group sport activities. Most often, that usually ends right after high school. Fast forward ten to twenty years and […] Read More

BLOG / 12.03.18

Tight Hips

How often do you wake up and take a few extra steps to just feel better? Sometimes perhaps you are so stiff standing upright is not an option. Many people have tight hips, from people who spend several hours a day sitting to regular gym-goers and professional athletes. Some people are more prone to tightness […] Read More

BLOG / 11.28.18

Amy’s Grocery Shopping Tips

Amy’s Grocery Shopping Tips I hope you are having an all-star start to your week. Coming off a holiday week can be tough. However, there is no day better than Monday to get back on track. It is time to clear out those Thanksgiving leftovers and bring your focus back to healthy eating. Your first […] Read More

BLOG / 11.27.18

5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Improves Blood Circulation. A person who has poor blood circulation can suffer from a variety of discomforts, such as cold hands/feet. Poor Circulation can bring fatigue and achiness created by lactic acid in the muscles. With that being said Massage can prong those beaten, damaged muscles the oxygen-filled blood they need to heal and recover. […] Read More

BLOG / 11.27.18

Hamstring Stretches for Lower Back Pain

The lower back is acted upon and influenced by many muscles that attach to the pelvis and lower torso. The hamstrings are actually one of those groups of muscles. A portion of the hamstring muscles originates at the lower pelvis and extends down the back of the leg, to the knee. When the hamstrings are […] Read More

BLOG / 11.23.18

Black Friday Flash Sale!

Black Friday Flash Sale! – 20% off all memberships for this first month – 20% off all PR On-Ramps – 15% off all personal training sessions bought in 10/20/30 blocks – 10% off single PT sessions – 20% off all retail and merchandise in the gym! For your loved ones you want to workout with […] Read More

BLOG / 11.23.18

Toy Drive!

Hey Everyone! We are starting a toy drive for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center! Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is the only hospital in Connecticut dedicated exclusively to the care of children. Connecticut Children’s is a nationally recognized not-for-profit with a medical staff of more than 1,000 providing comprehensive, world-class health care in more than 30 […] Read More

BLOG / 11.20.18

The Three components of Mobility:

The Three components of Mobility: • Flexibility of the Soft Tissue • Range of Motion at the Joints • Neurological Coordination of Movement Patterns These are the benefits of flexibility after a CF workout! – Sara Read More