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BLOG / 03.23.17

Friday Night Lights

Hey CrossFit Milford community! I wanted to get you all a message about what is happening tomorrow night, March 24th, at CrossFit Milford. This is the final event for the 2017 CrossFit Open. For those of you who don’t know, the CrossFit open is the first stage in the “season” of CrossFit as your team […] Read More

BLOG / 03.21.17

How Much Protein Do I Really Need?

  One of the most common questions I receive is, “How much protein do I really need?” Well, it depends. “What does it depend on?” Actually, it depends on a lot of factors above and beyond the nature of this blog post!  But for our purposes I am going to provide you with some basic […] Read More

BLOG / 03.15.17

“The Five G’s for Your Greatest Year Ever”

“The Five G’s for Your Greatest Year Ever” with Coach Albie Hey guys, here is a quick mid-month-motivational blog. This comes from one of my favorite podcast, “The School of Greatness, with Lewis Howes”. If you have not listened to it yet, check it out. These are five things to think about to make sure that […] Read More

BLOG / 03.13.17

Food Prep 101

Food Prep 101 What is stoping you from food prepping for the week? Time? Don’t know how to cook? Don’t have time to learn how to cook? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, here is a crash course on food prepping to get you going. Things you need Food Oven and/or […] Read More

BLOG / 03.10.17

Essentials to writing a strength program

Four essentials steps for program design In the age of social media it is very easy for strength coaches to get overloaded with information that can either guide them in the right direction or it can off set them completely in their journey. For coaches looking to grasp the art of program design a bit […] Read More

BLOG / 03.09.17

Making A Change

“Making A Change” What is the most challenging part of Fitness? CrossFit? Strength and Conditioning? Don’t worry that’s a trick question. Its actually something that you do outside of the gym. Nutrition. For a long time, even before starting CrossFit, I struggled with eating. I was overweight as a kid, and never created a great […] Read More

BLOG / 03.07.17

Three Moves to Mobilize and Strengthen Your Wrist

“Three Moves to Mobilize and Strengthen Your Wrist” by Coach Albie When most people think of being tight or weak, they think about their hamstrings, quads, lats or upper back. What if I told you the one area that was holding you back the most was actually your wrists? Think of everything we do that […] Read More

BLOG / 03.03.17

Go Fast but Don’t Rush

It’s good to go fast.  To do more work quickly and efficiently is a hallmark of great performance in the Crossfit environment.  It is also a measure of a productive, successful person outside the gym.  At some point, however, we went and got ourselves in a big hurry.  What happens when we are in a […] Read More

BLOG / 03.02.17

Getting in the zone

He who grips too hard loses. ~chinese proverb The optimal state in any competition is often referred to as the zone.  However, did you know that this optimal state of performance can be achieved in anything.  The “zone” refers to the feeling of alertness and perception of self.  When people are in the zone they often […] Read More

BLOG / 03.01.17

Should I change my diet during the Open?

  We all get that urge to start eating healthy the day before we do a grueling Open workout. But is it really a good idea to make drastic changes so close to game time? My typical answer as a Nutritionist is always “It depends.” Even when we are making changes for the better, our […] Read More