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Pediatric Hydrocephalus

BLOG / 08.21.17

Hydrocephalus Awareness Month

Written by David Saldana It’s that time of year again; the second annual Hydrocephalus Charity WOD at CrossFit Milford is just around the corner! I wanted to take the time to personally thank you all for your support and explain to you why I host this awesome charity event and why it is so important […] Read More

BLOG / 08.17.17


The magic and discipline for recovery. Recovery is the mystical ying versus yang for all athletes. Especially athletes in the sport of CrossFit. With CrossFit being so broad, inclusive, and unknown there is always that inner thought of needing to do more and to get right back into training after a major event. So, below […] Read More

BLOG / 08.15.17

What Are You Training For?

Written by Coach Albie You may have been asked this question before. Maybe you have heard it phrased differently, something like, “what’s your why?” I cannot emphasize how important it is to have an answer for this question, but not just a typical answer, something that is important to you and only you. Everyone wants […] Read More
Competition vs. Community

BLOG / 08.14.17

Competition vs. Community

Written by Coach Trevor James The first thing I have to say is thank you; to everyone who sent a message, shook my hand, congratulated me in person, or even just tuned in this past weekend. The support was felt and much appreciated. Now, here is something I learned from this past weekend. The community […] Read More

BLOG / 08.10.17


This past week some of the fittest athletes in the world went to Madison Wisconsin and competed in the CrossFit Games. The new level of talent that was there from all age groups and teams was simply amazing. To witness what is a new level of fitness is breathtaking. You had teenage boys and girls […] Read More

BLOG / 08.09.17

CFM Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Xavier Atienzar Q:When did you start playing beach volleyball? A:I started to play beach volleyball competitively about six years ago. Q:When did you start at CFM? A:I started CrossFit mid September 2016 Q:When did you start seeing results from CrossFit carrying over to your sport? A:I started to notice improvements in my game […] Read More

BLOG / 08.02.17

The Importance of Hydration

Writting by Coach Justin Nassra During those hot summer days it’s important that we ensure we are consuming the appropriate amount of water. Without the proper amount of hydration, not only will your performance in the gym begin to suffer, but it can lead to more serious health problems such as vomiting, dizziness, or excessive […] Read More

BLOG / 07.31.17

A Handful of Dirt

Written by Coach Jeff New York Yankees rookie right fielder Aaron Judge may be the new face of Major League Baseball. He has enjoyed great success over the first half of the season, leading the league in homeruns and RBIs (runs batted in), as well as being one of the league leaders in batting average. […] Read More

BLOG / 07.27.17


“Those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well.” ~unknown No matter what you are doing and where you are doing it, chances are it has already been done.  One thing I always discuss with coaches is the understanding of the history.  There is nothing new that is being created or done. […] Read More

BLOG / 07.21.17

Hydrocephalus Awareness

    Crossfit Milford and David Saldanah are hosting a fundraising workout to raise awareness for Hydrocephalus and September 16, 9:00 am at Crossfit Milford. WOD for Hydrocephalus is appropriate for everyone. Workouts will be scaled so ALL can attend. Registration begins at 8:15am. Monetary donations are also accepted at the door. All proceeds go to Hydrocephalus Pediatric Foundation.    When David Saldanah […] Read More