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CrossFit Milford is headquartered in Milford, Connecticut and was founded in 2008 on the principles of fitness, community, accountability and excellence. It is our mission to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels improve their quality of life and reach their goals. Our community, staff, and programs have been proven effective world wide and deliver the results you want.


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BLOG / 06.23.17

Stop Exercising, Start Training

“Stop Exercising, Start Training” Nike’s newest marketing campaign has intrigued me and is actually something I really love. In part, it’s an effort to break back into the more hardcore training community but it is also a way to inspire people to take what they do in the gym more seriously.  It’s my belief that […] Read More

BLOG / 06.21.17

We Ask You to Take Weight Off Because We Care

    We Ask You to Take Weight Off Because We Care by Coach Jeff A lot of times as an athlete we have the desire to lift heavier.  Getting bigger and stronger is a goal of many people who workout/lift weights/train on a daily basis.  That is the point, right?  However, you’ll need three […] Read More

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