BLOG / 08.17.17


The magic and discipline for recovery. Recovery is the mystical ying versus yang for all athletes. Especially athletes in the sport of CrossFit. With CrossFit being so broad, inclusive, and unknown there is always that inner thought of needing to do more and to get right back into training after a major event. So, below […] Read More

BLOG / 08.10.17


This past week some of the fittest athletes in the world went to Madison Wisconsin and competed in the CrossFit Games. The new level of talent that was there from all age groups and teams was simply amazing. To witness what is a new level of fitness is breathtaking. You had teenage boys and girls […] Read More

BLOG / 07.27.17


“Those who drink the water must remember those who dug the well.” ~unknown No matter what you are doing and where you are doing it, chances are it has already been done.  One thing I always discuss with coaches is the understanding of the history.  There is nothing new that is being created or done. […] Read More

BLOG / 07.20.17

Sport Specific Training

At CrossFit Milford we have trained a ton of young, middle and older athletes. We have worked with children who are looking to start down a healthier journey, to sports teams, to the top CrossFit Athletes, all the way up to Olympic hopefuls. There is no greater feeling then working with focused and determined individuals […] Read More

BLOG / 07.13.17

Ben Callahan

Ben Callahan is an amazing 10 year old boy who’s life was called back to God after he lived it to it’s fullest. Ben, son of David and Paula Callahan, lost his life last week. I know Dave very well through the CrossFit Community, and I always had a deep respect for Dave as an […] Read More

BLOG / 07.06.17

Taking Steps

The hardest thing with making a step or working for something new is the fear of the unknown. Humans are creatures of habits, and once we establish our patterns you can bet that we will stick to them out of shear familiarity. No matter what they may or may not be doing, or even harming. […] Read More

BLOG / 06.15.17

How To Make Change

The Law of Diminishing Intent say, “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.” There are certain pitfalls that people fall into when they are trying to make a change.  Usually these pitfalls occur with good change as there is always […] Read More

BLOG / 06.08.17

Make Stress Your Friend

I know.. bullshit! I was thinking the same thing as this thought pondered in my head. “There is no way I can make stress my friend.” Then, I thought about stress from another perspective. This perspective comes from Stoicism, and it centers around YOU! Meaning, you can never control what happens to you. However, you […] Read More

BLOG / 06.01.17

The Importance of Sleep

I recently read a great book “Wired To Eat” by Robb Wolf, and in this book he outlined the importance of sleep.  The way that he outlined it was so well thought out and detailed that I wanted to share it with the CrossFit Milford Community. You always hear the coaches instructing everyone to get […] Read More

BLOG / 05.25.17

Staying on course in the summer

With the summer time fast approaching that means the onslaught of barbecues, picnics, parties, and what I like to refer to as “living life.”  However, that also means the ability to stay on course with healthy eating can get a lot harder for most people.  It is much easier to grab a beer, head down […] Read More