BLOG / 04.20.17

Change your thoughts and change your life

Cheat 1. act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage at something. 2. avoid (something undesirable) 3. deceive or trick As you can see the definition of cheat(ing) has nothing but negative connections. Thus anything you tie it to takes part in something negative in your life. Whether you want to admit or […] Read More

BLOG / 04.06.17

The art of tracking

One of the most important things you can do when trying to make sure you are eating correctly is to track what you eat. Plain and simple! In my opinion nothing else will dictate your success more then this. “Leisure is the time for doing something useful. This leisure the diligent person will obtain the […] Read More

BLOG / 03.30.17

10 tips for more effective coaching

Below are ten concepts to make you a better more affective coach that do not pertain to the x’s and o’s of programming. 1. Get rid of your ego. Understand that the only thing an ego does is get in the way of truly connecting with your athletes and creating an atmosphere that they can […] Read More

BLOG / 03.23.17

Friday Night Lights

Hey CrossFit Milford community! I wanted to get you all a message about what is happening tomorrow night, March 24th, at CrossFit Milford. This is the final event for the 2017 CrossFit Open. For those of you who don’t know, the CrossFit open is the first stage in the “season” of CrossFit as your team […] Read More

BLOG / 03.10.17

Essentials to writing a strength program

Four essentials steps for program design In the age of social media it is very easy for strength coaches to get overloaded with information that can either guide them in the right direction or it can off set them completely in their journey. For coaches looking to grasp the art of program design a bit […] Read More

BLOG / 03.02.17

Getting in the zone

He who grips too hard loses. ~chinese proverb The optimal state in any competition is often referred to as the zone.  However, did you know that this optimal state of performance can be achieved in anything.  The “zone” refers to the feeling of alertness and perception of self.  When people are in the zone they often […] Read More

BLOG / 02.23.17

Morning Thoughts

As I am sitting here looking to inspire the CrossFit Milford community with a ground breaking blog post I am finding myself starring at the screen.  There was nothing overly motivating or astounding that I felt compelled to speak on.  Sure there are Friday Night Lights happening this week at CFM, and there have been […] Read More

BLOG / 02.16.17

The art of communication

“The art of communication is every bit as much a science as that of the physical training of the body.” – Dan Pfaff One thing i discuss with our athletes as we prepare for a sport is the ability to dial in every single concept and movement in the sport to treat it as a […] Read More

BLOG / 02.09.17

Tips for shoveling

With the storm upon us I figured it would be a good idea to post some shoveling tips in order to protect your backs and avoid any sort of injury. What most people don’t consider is that shoveling snow was similar affects as low level weight lifting with and aerobic nature to it. We always […] Read More

BLOG / 02.02.17

Feet in the dirt

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you are climbing.” ~Andy Rooney You often hear the words “trust the process” when people are referring to a certain path that they are on.  This path may be through fitness, lifestyle changes, nutrition, etc.  Those words are […] Read More