BLOG / 04.19.18


The other day I was listening to a podcast by Justin Su’a, and he was discussing social skills that lead to being a better leader. I thought these fifteen skills were pretty solid to living a better life and positively affecting all those around you. 1. Speak less and ask more questions. 2. Celebrate other […] Read More

BLOG / 04.12.18

The power of your thoughts

How many times do you put yourself behind the eight ball before you truly give yourself a chance to win? Think about all the instances where you went into trying to achieve a goal, that is right at your fingertips, but often fell short. In these instances what were the thoughts going through you head […] Read More

BLOG / 04.05.18

Celebrate daily victories

Success just is not about what you will get in the end. True success is the learning, growth, and strength that occurs in the process of what you are doing. That is the difference between fulfillment and achievement. Too often people go into a new goal and focus only on that goal. They don’t see […] Read More
Meet Brittany Marella

BLOG / 04.04.18

Meet Brittany Marella

I was a competitive gymnast until 18 years of age, and continued into college for cheerleading for a year. When I turned 16 years old, I was given the opportunity to coach gymnastics. Fast forwarding 5 years, I was the head Coach of 3 competitive gymnastics teams working children aging from 6-13 years old. But […] Read More
Meet Chris Bruno

BLOG / 04.03.18

Meet Chris Bruno

New York City native, Chris Bruno, comes to CFM as not only our front desk manager greeting you before your workout, but also our in-house social media / marketing director. Many of you have surely seen his work during the CrossFit Open. Additionally, his work has been featured on, as well as various social […] Read More

BLOG / 02.22.18

The Five Pillars

With in life there are things that I call the five pillars. These are things that body cannot do without and when taken away (after some sort of extended time) there will be a negative affect. When looking at these pillars there also lies concepts of prioritization from a health and wellness perspective for longevity […] Read More
CFM’s Weekly Gymnastics WOD

BLOG / 02.14.18

CFM’s Weekly Gymnastics WOD

Every week CFM will post a gymnastics WOD for you to complete. This is something you can do before or after class. The WOD will be posted every Monday on the CFM IG page and written on the white board at CFM. Some of them will have a time component and others will be to […] Read More

BLOG / 01.25.18

High School Strength and Conditioning Program

Starting March 1st, 2018 we will be adding a high school strength and conditioning programming to the schedule. This program will run Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. The cost of the program will be 150/month for each student athlete. The ages of participants are 8th grade through senior year in high […] Read More

BLOG / 01.18.18

The Connection

Everyday does not need to be a personal best. ~and that is okay~ The best aspect of fitness pertains around the journey, not the destination. Fitness is an ever evolving aspect of your life that encompasses the physical, spiritual, and the psychological. As you evolve, so to does the journey of fitness, and your path […] Read More

BLOG / 01.05.18

Staying focused

Staying Focused You can always do something. No matter how small, there is always something you can work on. Recently I was confronted with a small set back, when it comes to my own fitness I can be a hypocrite, big surprise, I think we all have given advice to others in which we seldom […] Read More