Saturday, March 23, 2019

Lateral banded steps x 20/side x2

Lateral banded step overs x 10/side x 2 @ knee height for band

Quadruped hip ext. x 10 x2

Dead bugs x 10

Bird dogs x 10

plank rotations x 10

Banded good mornings x 10


21x1 tempo

x2 reps x 3 sets

@ 90% feel

B. Power Clean from high blocks




80x8 singles - rest as needed

C. Dead lift

6 rM @ 90% feel **quiet lower to ground.. no bouncing, mentain tension

**compare to last week

D1. Bench Press x5x6

D2. Ring Rows x5x6

E1. Kettlebell Windmill x10/side x 2

E2. Barbell wrist curls x20 reps x 2

Kevin Glass62