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Stratford, CT

7 months ago i was 245lbs BP was elevated, and cholesterol was thru the roof , didn’t want to go on meds so i went against Dr’s orders and told myself i can do it without meds. i immediately thought of my buddy who would not stop talking about crossfit so i figured i would give it try how could it hurt. so i came in and tried the Sat free class i was amazed at how different your gym was compared to the OTHER gyms. right from the start everyone was friendly, helpful, and supportive, and the music kicked ass. so i signed up and did the on ramp class. 1 month later i lost 15lbs and felt awesome .

jump ahead 6 months just had physical down to 217lbs , Bp not an issue anymore cholesterol down 28 points with no meds just crossfit and fish oil. as far as i’m concerned crossfit saved me from going on meds, not to mention boosted my confidence, definitely took me out of my comfort zone and brought me to level i thought i never would be at (at work and at play) . the coaches you have there are the Best motivators never letting you stop until the WOD is done and very knowledgable in what they do.

I for One never thought i would be doing a 12 mile 19 obstacle run and finish it and still be able to walk the next day. like i said i’ll keep it short!!! . what you have created there at CFM is gift, and you should be proud of your family of coaches because they are the best, i cant see myself going to any other gym ever again.i just thought you would want to hear how you’ve changed this 37 year old firefighter and father of 2 little ones life . and I will definitely pass along to them to be UNSCARED, and to be 2 BAMF’S like the old man is now. Anyway thanks again Jay and coaches