Marilynn Jamgochian

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Fairfiled, CT

I literally came to Crossfit Milford kicking and screaming. I followed Seamus here to take his kickboxing classes when Creative health and Fitness closed down. Being a PE teacher for 34 years, I always exercised, but cardio was my priority. At 55, with a family history of heart disease, I felt hour(s) long cardio was the only way to keep my cholesterol in check. I was wrong. I reluctantly started Crossfit full time in April when Tracy went on maternity leave. I struggled in the beginning with the upper body strength lifts because of a complete tear in my right rotator cuff. Jason was great at scaling my lifts and modifying my wods. Thanks to crossfit , my shoulder is much better. The tear will never heal, but the muscles around it are so much stronger, I do not feel the pain and fatigue I had suffered with for 3 years. Years of physical therapy and annual cortisone injections could not do for my shoulder what crossfit has. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night from the pain and my tennis serve has improved to what is was before my injury. The greatest and most surprising benefit from Crossfit has been my cholesterol numbers. In September when I got the results of my annual chem screen, I found my total cholesterol dropped 24 points. My triglycerides dropped 33 points as well did my LDL’s (lousy cholesterol). My HDL’s (healthy cholesterol) went up went up 27 points. And no, I am not on any medication. A big thank you to Jason for his patience not saying “I told you so”. You made a believer out of me! Thanks to all of the coaches for their encouragement and attention to proper form which is key to staying injury free. I look forward to the Paleo cookbook and “war” stories from other members to help the number on my scale decrease.