Margaret Battisti

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Milford, CT

Trainers actually practicing what they preach. It’s so frustrating being at Planet Fitness and not seeing a single trainer or staff member actually working out there. On Saturday I came to the the 8am class to see you teaching, and Andrea participating. Andrea then taught the 8 am class where Gina and Brittany participated and so on. Seeing your coaches not only go through the movements but pushing themselves to their limits every single time I go there is something that is so encouraging that I had to mention it to Brian (who told me I should let you know). I cannot tell you how much I love CFM. I finally feel like I’ve found what works for me. I enjoy every class I attend no matter how hard it is for me and when I can’t make it there, while I am bummed I do the posted workouts at home as best as I can. I find myself pushing harder than ever before and not accepting anything less than my best. I am not as strong as others there, and don’t exactly have all the movements down yet but I don’t let that bring me down. Before joining, I was in a rut. I couldn’t get my diet under control and I was so inconsistent with exercise that it’s embarrassing. I never before believed that I could weigh less than 150lbs (where I’ve steadily been for a majority of my adult life). In the short time I’ve been with CFM, I’ve taken on about a 90% strict paleo diet that I actually like and have dropped to 137lbs. I see changes that I never thought possible.
I thank you and all your coaches for helping me find the person I’ve been looking for!