Lee Lipsitz

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June 1st, 2008

AGE / Sex

42 / Female


Orange, CT

Last fall I had to leave the Underground because the previous owners cancelled classes early in the morning. I went over to one of the regular big gyms in town and stayed for 3 months. I was extremely disappointed in the level of intensity of the classes. I also never felt like my “classmates” were very supportive of one another. I think it was just the culture of the big club.

But then I heard that Jason Leydon was buying the Underground and making it the Underground2. I went back to try one of his classes and was so psyched!!! Jason restarted the early morning classes and my workouts went from ho hum to amazing and challenging again. The members are all so supportive of each other and cheer you on to meet your goals. The class sizes are perfect and allow you to feel like you are getting individual training. Not to mention the difference in my body in 3 short months of being back in the number one gym in the area. Jason’s slogan is true to his word, the Underground where “We fix the $10 a month gym body!”