Justin Lucas

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About Justin Lucas


Milford, CT

What a year it’s been. A year ago I was all over the place mentally and physically. As you commented on my before picture, it’s true – I was a different person back then. I didn’t even know who I was. Honestly, I didn’t really have much to smile about as I was constantly getting myself into stressful situations.

And sure, I was in college, so I drank more Keystone than water and the only 5-5-5 to me was Domino’s instead of Starting Strength. For almost all my life, I was overweight, and I didn’t really lose the weight until the end of high school, so this lifestyle basically brought me back to square one.

Mike Sabato and I got into Starting Strength about 2 years ago, which led us to CrossFit. I tried to CrossFit a bit at school, but I was afraid to do any weird movements in front of all the gorilla juiceheads there or try anything overhead. Not too much progress was made there.

Joining CFM in February really changed everything for me. Physically, I didn’t really see results at first due to my nutrition and lifestyle. Also, my terrible sleep schedule would cause me to miss morning workouts before class. However, being surrounded by such inspirational people and having such awesome blog posts on the site helped me rewire my outlook on life.

CFM taught me how to be unscared every single day, and because of you guys, I’ve made some drastic decisions in the past year. I basically walked away from a few job opportunities in order to turn my dreams into a reality. Now I work toward my goals every single day, rather than trying to fulfill other people’s goals or living other people’s lives.
I’ve been called foolish, stupid, and many other things due to my decisions, but I’ve never been happier in my life. That’s why I have many reasons to smile every day.

A year ago, I would’ve listened to all the haters and joined them in their misery. Now, I have a lot more confidence in myself, and if there’s something in life I want to achieve, I’ll go out and get it.

With that right mindset, I was able to take on the Paleo Challenge with my awesome partner Amanda, and it was the necessary kick in the butt for me. Even after the challenge, I’m still matching and setting PR’s despite being 15 pounds lighter. Now I figured out a system that works specifically for my body, and I can’t wait to take it to the next level with this upcoming challenge.

I just want to thank you Jay and everyone else in the CFM family. Here’s to 2011!