FIT Class

It’s true, CrossFit isn’t for everyone. However we believe that being healthy and having a solid fitness routine should be for everyone. That’s why we are introducing CF Fit!

CF Fit is designed for people who are looking to challenge themselves with a quick, high intensity, boot camp style workout. The goal is to get you in, get you sweating and get you out all in 45 minutes. Here’s what you can expect:

Heavy focus on functional body weight movements
Light to moderate weight utilizing medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells
No barbells, heavy lifting or highly technical movements
All fitness levels and all ages are welcome…no experience required!
Highly experienced coaching staff with a goal of getting you fit safely

Pricing for CF Fit classes ONLY will be $100/month.

If you are CFM member and would like to continue with regular CrossFit classes, CF Fit is available to those with an Unlimited membership.

Classes currently are held every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5:30pm

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Program Instructors

  • Mandy Drummond