Burn Class

Crossfit Milford has joined forces with xFitLab to bring you a new class called BURN! BURN is dedicated entirely to high intensity interval training in a group setting with friendly competition and personal bests! High intensity training is considered to be much more effective than normal cardio because the intensity is higher and you are able to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Heart rate (HR) monitors aren’t just for marathon runners anymore. And this isn’t just meaningless data that should be overlooked or ignored, we know that the more intense the workout, the higher your heart rate will be and knowing your heart rate helps take results to another level.

Before the class all athletes will be fit with a HR strap worn around the chest. This strap will hold your own personal data that makes your heart rate precise and accurate to you. Your hear rate will then be projected onto the white board (with or without your name) alongside classmates. Throughout the class you will receive instruction on your exercise based off the numbers you are putting up!

Prepare to sweat, engage in some friendly competition and ultimately a killer workout!

The burn class is part of the membership. If you go unlimited then it counts as one of your classes. If you have a three day a week membership then it will also count as one of your classes. For non CFM members there is a $30 drop in fee to take part.

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Program Instructors

  • Jason Leydon

    Co-owner & Programming Designer

  • Ryan Kononchik


  • Justin Nassra