Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Prone i.Y.T x 5/direction x 2

SA bottoms up kb press x 10/side x 2

KB oh support walk x 50'/side x 2

Banded pull aparts (internal and external rotation) x 20/per

A. Power Snatch

completing 1 rep OTM for 12-15 minutes

work on a slow lift off to the knee, pause for 1 sec. there then finish off the movement. Build in weight as long as technique allows

B. 5 minutes

DB supinated 21's

Side delt raise x 10

Side plank hold x :20/side

C. Workout

3 rounds for time:

30 wall balls, 20/14#

15 burpees


3 rounds

15 cal AB

30 double unders


3 rounds

30 sit ups

15 CTB pull ups

Kevin Glass115