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Friday, April 12, 2019

Lateral banded steps x 20/side x2

Lateral banded step overs x 10/side x 2 @ knee height for band

Quadruped hip ext. x 10 x2

Dead bugs x 10

Bird dogs x 10

plank rotations x 10

Banded good mornings x 10

A1. Back Squat

3 RM @ 4xx1 tempo @ 90% feel in 5 sets

A2. Pull up Drop set

3 weighted pull ups @ 90%

drop weight and amrap strict chin ups x 5 sets

B. Workout

***Score in Triib is Rounds of the middle AMRAP***

minute 0-5:00

1K row

minute 5:00-15:00


hang squat clean, 95/65

push ups or scale to dips or SHSPU

minute 15:00-20:00

1K row

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