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Monday, April 8, 2019

side lying db ext. rot. x 10/side x 3

Prone 90/90 x 10 x 2

Trap 3 raise x 10/side x 2

DB high pull @ 20-30% of bodyweight x 10/side x 2

Single arm farmers walk x 100'/side

A. Clean from pause @ knee

build to a heavy set of 2 reps each one with a 2sec. pause @ knee

B1. DB walking lunge steps

10/side x 2 sets

each one with a slow controlled lower

B2. Bent Over KB Row

x12/side x 2

add weight from KB's or DB's

C. Workout

***Score in Triib is total reps***

in front of a clock for 20:00

minute 0-9:00

18/14 cal row

9 CtB pull ups or 3 Bar MU

minute 11:00 -20:00

18/14 cal AB

50' SB carry

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