Sunday, March 3, 2019

Lateral banded steps x 20/side x2

Lateral banded step overs x 10/side x 2 @ knee height for band

Quadruped hip ext. x 10 x2

Dead bugs x 10

Bird dogs x 10

plank rotations x 10

Banded good mornings x 10

A. Skill and drill

for 10 minutes -

build in weight for heavy loads over the following:

100' heavy sled drag

100' heavy sandbag carry

B. Workout

minute 0-3:00 - 400m run

minute 3-6:00 - 500m row

minute 6-9:00 - 1K bike erg

minute 9-12:00 - 500/400m ski erg

x3 rounds

**this is an unscored workout in Triib**

Kevin Glass147