Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Prone i.Y.T x 5/direction x 2

SA bottoms up kb press x 10/side x 2

KB oh support walk x 50'/side x 2

Banded pull aparts (internal and external rotation) x 20/per

A. Split Jerk

10 minutes working on singles

pause in dip + catch

building with good form and upright torso in dip

B. 5 Minutes

Barbell inverted rows x 5

Heavy farmers carry x 100’

V-ups x 5

C. Workout

7 Minute AMRAP

10 Ring rows

40’ DB front rack walking lunge, 50/35/hand

Rest 3:00

7 Minute AMRAP

15 Ball slams, 30/20#

30 Weighted single unders

Kevin Glass