Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Lateral banded steps x 20/side x2

Lateral banded step overs x 10/side x 2 @ knee height for band

Quadruped hip ext. x 10 x2

Dead bugs x 10

Bird dogs x 10

plank rotations x 10

Banded good mornings x 10

A1. Double DB Single Leg RDL

x8/side x 5 same weight as last week

A2. Banded Bench Press

x5x5 same weight as last week. Red band under bench and aligned with arms

A3. Single Arm KB Hold

x:30/side x 5

B. Workout

3 minutes on / 2 minutes off x 5

:90 sec. row

15 no push up burpees

amrap DB clean to press.

Kevin Glass100