Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lateral banded steps x 20/side x2

Lateral banded step overs x 10/side x 2 @ knee height for band

Quadruped hip ext. x 10 x2

Dead bugs x 10

Bird dogs x 10

plank rotations x 10

Banded good mornings x 10

A1. Single Leg Cross Body Romanian Deadlift

can use KB or DB 10reps per side x 4 sets

same weight you used last week

A2. Spoto Bech Press

90% of last week's number for 4x4

A3. KB side bend

x10/side x 4

B. Workout

inside 1 minute / rest 1 minute x 10

1 tough Dead lifts from a 3" riser

4 good push ups

max distance on aB

**for the DL - build in weight each set, you must show control on the lower

Kevin Glass142