Monday, May 20, 2019

A1. Front Squat

3020 tempo

build up to 3 reps @ 85% over 5 sets.

*for this, your 4th set should be @ your ending weight from last week, then hit another one slightly over that

A2. KB hinged alternating row

hold one up in contraction and lower other, repeat this back and forth

x8/side x 5 sets

A3. Uneven carry

front rack and side , 50' per side x 5 sets

B. Workout

in front of a clock for 20:00


1K row buy in



10 sit ups

10 air squats

35 jump rope singles

C. Finisher

DB curls x 20x2

side plank hold . x:20/side x 2

Kevin Glass225