Monday, January 14, 2019


Prone i.Y.T x 5/direction x 2

SA bottoms up kb press x 10/side x 2

KB oh support walk x 50'/side x 2

Banded pull aparts (internal and external rotation) x 20/per

A1. DB Bulgarian Split Squat x 3/side x 6

add 10#’s to DB’s from last week… push it here

A2. Partner Lateral Banded Steps x5 steps per side x 6 sets

Thick band

A3. Alternating Rows x6-8/side x6

Hold one @ chest while other lowers

B. Workout

13 minute amrap

3 ball slams

3 air squats

3 box setp ups.




rest 2:00

@ minute 15:00

Teams of 3

max distance on aB - switching every :20

Kevin Glass