Friday, March 1, 2019

couch stretch x :30

pigeon pose x :30

Half kneeling ankle flexion x :30

Squat to stands x 20

goblet squats x 10

A1. Single Arm DB push press

x5/side x 5 sets

3 sec. lower each rep same weight as last set last week (across the board)

A2. Weighted pull up

4sec. lower, 2sec. hold @ chest x 5 sets

B. Workout

EMOM x 5

10 thrusters

5 ring rows

@ minute 5:00

3 sets to accumulate max total number of double unders or weighted singles

@ minute 10:00

EMOM x 5

10 thrusters

5 ring rows

can scale up to 95/65 and/or 10 pull ups

C. Finisher

5 minutes on bike or ski to calm down system

Kevin Glass145