Sunday, January 13, 2019


Prone i.Y.T x 5/direction x 2

SA bottoms up kb press x 10/side x 2

KB oh support walk x 50'/side x 2

Banded pull aparts (internal and external rotation) x 20/per

A. Teams of 2 for max distance

1 Min on per partner x 8 sets each (rower)


1 Min on per partner x 6 sets (AB)


10 Minute AMRAP

100’ SB carry/person

100’ Seal drag/person

B. Core Finisher

:10 Hollow rock

:10 Tuck up

:10 Toe touch

10 Russian twists

:10 Hollow hold

Rest :60

x 4 Rounds

*One more round from last week

Kevin Glass