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McGill Method Seminar: Being successful with back pained clients

December 8 - December 9

To retain clients by removing their pain to allow them to train once again.

To assist the client to recover from pain.

This two-day course is for trainers and performance specialists who deal with clients with back pain. Both lectures and workshops provide delegates with background information on the mechanisms that cause back pain and how these can be assessed and addressed with movement and exercise programming that adhere to the principles of Professor McGill. This process creates clients who are then liberated to begin training. Then specific principles are workshopped to create a pain-free and injury resilient movement/motor patterns, that enables the trainer to move on to more typical programming.

Day 1 // Working with the back pained client

geared toward trainers and coaches who deal with back pained clients

course objectives: to learn the skills of recognizing pain pathways, assessing and progressing your clients to pain-free training

hands-on workshops throughout the day

successfully retain your back pained clients

Day 2 // Enhancing Performance

geared toward trainers, coaches and clinicians with clients that need injury resilience and have performance goals

topics: determinants of world-class performance, development of movement/motor patterns, endurance, strength, speed, and power within the principles that minimize spine stress

hands-on workshops throughout the day

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