Justin Nassra Coach

Before I started my Crossfit Journey in 2013 I was practicing and teaching martial arts. I began with my martial arts background in at the age of 5, and as time went on I found myself participating in competitions and practicing several different styles of fighting, like Brazilian JiuJitsu and Mauy Thai.
At the age of 16 I was lucky enough to be able to find this cool sport called Crossfit. In the beginning, I really couldn’t afford a membership, so I had to teach myself the movements. I remember sitting in my basement for hours drilling technique everyday.
Furthermore, in December 2013, I became apart of the Housatonic Valley Crossfit community. I would be there almost 95% of my day, and everyday I was there. Watching Coach Jeff and Coach Gina gave me that push to go and get my Crossfit Level-1 Certificate.
As of now I am currently in college pursuing a degree in nutrition, and hope to continue my education on fitness by taking on more Crossfit Certifications and by discovering different ways to change the lives of people.
Some of my favorite things to do when I am in the gym training is to move a heavy barbell around and to get out of breath a lot. My favorite movements would have to be the Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements like muscle-ups and handstand push ups. In addition, to moving heavy barbells and getting out of breath, I also believe in giving my body the chance to recuperate, by doing yoga, foam rolling and various stretches.