Monday, February 18, 2019

A. Warm Up

joint rotations

Cat/ Cow

Upper back t-spine ext. and rot.

Lunge complex

B. Part 1

B1. DB split stance squat w/ 3 sec. lower each time for 8 reps per leg

B2. DB bent over row (supported on bench) 3sec. lower and 3 sec. hold x 8/side

B3. Squat jumps from 3sec. pause in 1/4 position x 8

B4. DB bent over curls @ 2020 x 8-10

x4 sets

C. Part 2

amrap till the end of class

teams of 2:

200m run - 100m per person

Sled push down and back - no weight (Each Per person)

20 Mountain climbers each person

Kevin Glass141