Meet Joe!

Joe is joining the CrossFit Milford team as an intern. Joe is committed in what he does on a daily basis in classes, and is looking to transfer that into coaching. He has dedicated the last five years to his ongoing journey in health and wellness. How grew up in Milford, and has made numerous ongoing relationships with families, businesses, and athletic teams within the community. Joe hopes to continue his passion for fitness by coaching one day at CrossFit Milford and obtaining his CF-L1.

For me, I found fitness as an outlet from everyday life. I have always had a passion for fitness. Nothing beats pounding music and lifting/moving heavy objects to clear your mind. Throughout life I have always enjoyed helping others; in high school I was a peer mediator, and a little after I learned about an organization called ToWriteLOVEonHerArms that is very close to me. If there is one thing I want to do, it’s to help others achieve their goals. Life is worth living, and I want to enjoy every aspect of it. I am truly grateful for what I have and what I have around me. Outside of working out, I am a huge fan of Boston sports, A Day to Remember, reading books, and learning more about Pliability workouts!

Ashley Baillargeon