How to Recover from Vacation

How to Recover From Vacation by Coach Lauren

Mornings are getting crisper, schools are back in session, pumpkin everything is in your face. Time to face reality and pack away the memories of our days of endless sunshine and bottomless margaritas. If you’re feeling that “summer hangover”, here are some of my expert tips to get you feeling back to yourself!

  1. Drink Lots of Water

    After vacation bloat or weight gain is typically water retention from dehydration (hello, margaritas and sunshine!) or extra sodium from eating out during your vacation. Commit to hydration upon your arrival back home to ease the bloat.

  2. Avoid the Extreme

    It may seem tempting to begin a rigid detox, diet, or fasting to get rid of the extra vacation weight but it is not necessary and could do more harm than good. This could send you into a yo-yo diet spiral, most likely ending up with you face planting into a chocolate cake by the end of the week. Let your body ease back into your good habits and within a week or 2- you’ll be feeling back to normal!

  3. Stock the Fridge

    Commit a day after vacation to recoup and reset before you go back to work if possible. Use this day to go food shopping, do all of your food prep, and set menus for the week. As always here, preparation is the key to success. When we leave our food choices to chance, we aren’t always able to make the best choices so plan and prep well for the week ahead! If free time before you go back to work is limited, consider using a meal delivery service the following week or shop online and get your groceries delivered.

  4. Make a Commitment to Yourself

    It’s easy for life to come rushing back in after vacation- work, school, kids, etc… Before you return to the chaos, think or write down a a few simple goals to keep yourself accountable in the weeks ahead. Drink more water, scheduling in your workouts, creating meal plans, etc...

  5. Keep Calm and Move On

    Vacations are too few and far between so we should enjoy and savor each moment! One or two weeks away from normal routine is not going to seriously derail your fitness or health. Forget berating yourself or feeling guilty- get back to your normal habits that make your body feel good and carry on.

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