Endurance Club

In an attempt to get outside more we have decided to create an Endurance Club here at CF Milford. The goal of this club is to support those looking to participate in local outdoor activities such as fun runs, Spartan Races, GoRuck Challenges and so on. We also aim to break the stigma that running is “hard” by giving you the tools and knowledge to improve upon running without it feeling like a beat down every time. While this club isn’t solely focused on running, it will be the main focus at least while the sun is shining, but we will also dive into utilizing the machines inside the gym as well. This club will meet one day per week with the option of additional homework to be completed on your own. CFM Coaches Matt Grocki and Kegan Dillon will be the lead coaches for this club and more often than not will be training along side you. We have yet to set a day/time for this club so please stay tuned for further information in the next few days. 

ALSO there is an obstacle course run called the Run the Gauntlet Race (part of the Denali Gauntlet Race Series) on May 5th and we would like to get a list of members who are signed up or who would like to sign up for this event. We will start a signup sheet at the front desk for those who are participating, however you will need to sign up for the race on your own through their website. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out or feel free to pull Matt or Kegan aside to discuss the upcoming race or if you’d like to hear more about the Endurance Club. 

Ashley Baillargeon