Coach Albie

Today marks the end of another era at CrossFit Milford.

Today, we say goodbye to Coach Albie.

I cannot say enough things about Albie.  Not only is he my brother in law, but he has also done the most for CrossFit Milford over the past eight to nine years then anybody else.

For those who do not know, let’s take a walk down memory lane;

Albie first started as the front desk manager at CrossFit Milford.  In his time here he not only ran the processing system, but also painted the pull up bars, installed different things around the gym, cleaned the gym, assisted with the gym build out and set in our first and second move, as well as helped build different structures around the gym.  He was a one stop handy man, who always did what I asked, never questioned and just figured it out.

From there Albie took his skills, that pretty much allow him to do anything he sets his mind on, to coaching.

He went through the intern process and quickly developed into one of our lead coaches, and a community favorite.

Albie has been with CrossFit Milford the longest over any other coach.  He has been someone that I could always trust without measure or question.

I cannot say enough over how much I will miss Albie, and I am sure the community feels the same.

I wish Albie nothing but the best in the next journey of his life.

Make sure we all give him a high five and a hug today as he embarks on his next adventure.

Coach Jay. 

Ashley Baillargeon