Saturday, January 12, 2019


Squat jerk 50x2 (2), 60x2 (2), 70x2 (2)

Push press x 3 x 5 sets- Go medium heavy

Incline DB Bench- Alternate Arms x 6 to each side x 5 sets

Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 x 5- bar on back

Landmine w/ combat handles if you have them x 10 x 3


A1. Incline Bench Press with Bands x10x4

A2. Standing Cable Rows 4 sets

B1. Banded 21’s x3

B2. Banded Dips x6-10x3

C1. French Press x10x3

C2. Delts

maltese raise x 10

victorian raise x 10

side delt raise x 10

x2 sets

C3. Ring Pull Ups x10x3

Kevin Glassswole 90, wl90