Monday, March 11, 2019

Prone i.Y.T x 5/direction x 2

SA bottoms up kb press x 10/side x 2

KB oh support walk x 50'/side x 2

Banded pull aparts (internal and external rotation) x 20/per

A. Front Squat

4.3.2 x 5 sets @ 75% of FS

focus on keeping upright and really using quads here

rest :15 sec. bt. clusters and 2:00 bt sets

B. Barbell Hip Thruster x12x5

C1. Single leg RDL x10/side x 4

C2. SSB Russian step up x10/side x 3

same weight as last week

D. Seated Calf Raise x20x4

line up weight over knee w/ barbell

Kevin Glass148