Friday, January 4, 2019


Broad Jump- x5 x minimum of six feet,- x 3, rest 60 seconds between sets 

CG OHSQ x5x5

Plyo Push Ups- mats next to you, mats in front of you, out, in, forward, in- that is one rep, do 5

Hand Release Pull Ups- jump up and down the bars x 5 -Superset w/ push ups, do 10 rounds

Bulgarian Split Squats x 20 no weight, pause at parallel

Landmine w/ combat handles x 10 x 3

Hypers- no weight x 30 x 3


couch stretch x :30

pigeon pose x :30

Half kneeling ankle flexion x :30

Squat to stands x 20

goblet squats x 10


A1) Back Squat.

70% x5x4

A2) Lying Hamstring Ball Curl x 12 reps x 3 sets


B1) DB death march.

x10steps x 3

B2) Heavy sled push.

x50′ x 3

C1) DB reverse lunge step

from 3′ plate x 5/side x 2

C2) Double leg heal slide


D) Core

STall bar T2B x 3
sorensen hold x :30
abwheel roll outs x 10
x4 rounds

Kevin Glass