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Outside the Box

Posted 12.05.18 by

For most people, coming into CFM was outside their comfier zone, but how many of you have become “comfortable” at the gym now? As people get older, it often becomes harder and harder to participate in group sport activities. Most often, that usually ends right after high school. Fast forward ten to twenty years and the gym is usually the one chance per day people get to sweat out. When was the last time you “fitnessed” outside the gym?

I often hear people who have been coming to the gym for a long time still talk about how out of shape they feel, or how bad they did on that workout. I credit a lot of this to just getting comfortable with the gym. Have you ever caught yourself thinking “does this ever get any easier?” Well, no, it doesn’t. If you are progressing properly, then you should be lifting more weight, moving faster, and completing more rounds. I’m sure if you went back to the weights you used just out of on-ramp, then absolutely it would feel easier.

My point here is that sometimes progress can get blurred if you only do one thing. When was the last time you put all the hard work you’ve done inside the gym to something outside the gym? Get out and go for a hike, go skiing this year, run a Spartan race in a Nor’easter. This is not just limited to sports either. Did you shovel snow in the winter? Landscape your yard in the spring? You will be surprised at how much your training has paid off. Still not convinced? Go hiking with a group of friends, preferably ones that don’t CrossFit and I can guarantee you will have a smile on your face every time they need to stop for a rest and you want to keep going.

Coach Albie skiing in Vermont

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