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CFM Wellness Committee!

Posted 12.05.18 by

CFM Wellness Committee

We Want You!

At CFM we are looking to develop a Wellness Committee. And we would love YOU to be part of it.

At CFM we are committed to maintaining an active culture built on the cornerstone principles of health, wellness and longevity. We are seeking like-minded members who share an interest in health and are dedicated to helping other members achieve the best version of themselves.

Under the leadership of Amy Plano, our Registered Dietitian, The CFM Wellness Committee will help plan and execute nutrition and wellness oriented activities at CFM. Suggested projects include but are not limited to:

  • A CFM Member Nutrition Challenge
  • A CFM Member Cookbook
  • A CFM “Book Club” with a focus on personal growth & wellness books
  • A CFM Foodie Club where members check out new local restaurants & foodie finds
  • Ongoing nutrition seminars based on topics of interest for our CFM members
  • CFM member food theme pot-luck dinners

If any of the above sounds interesting then we would love you to come on board! You do not need to have any special training to be part of The CFM Wellness Committee. We are seeking members who are enthusiastic, creative and are just generally excited about living a healthier lifestyle. Being on the committee is a great way to help motivate our members and build on your skills and talents.

The CFM Wellness Committee will meet once a month — likely in the evening. The time and day will be decided by the committee.

If The CFM Wellness Committee sounds like something you would like to be part email Amy @

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