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Meet Sara Beckert

Posted 05.16.18 by

Sara will be leading our new Flexibility and Core class Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 7:30 AM.

Sara Beckert is an exercise physiologist that holds an MS in Human performance from SCSU and an M.Ed in Applied Physiology from Columbia University. She holds a personal training certification from NSCA-CSCS.
After breaking my arm in four places, dislocating my shoulder and elbow, spraining my hip ligaments during a Rugby game, I was told that exercise would be limited to basic movements. I had two surgeries, infections and was in a wheelchair for several months due to bone grafting from my hip to left humorous. The titanium rods and pins are held together from bone from my hip. After the second and final surgery, I was told if I stopped exercising I could lose movements in my arm. I began to study exercise inside and out. From then on I have worked with special populations from those living through and battling cancer to cardiac rehab and lung diseases. Currently, I work with first responders in CT. Injury Prevention, resiliency, and increased energy are my three goals to achieve with each person I work with from newcomers to exercise seasoned athletes. Exercise is medicine. Increasing range of motion and strength can increase quality of movement and most importantly quality of life.