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The power of your thoughts

Posted 04.12.18 by

How many times do you put yourself behind the eight ball before you truly give yourself a chance to win?

Think about all the instances where you went into trying to achieve a goal, that is right at your fingertips, but often fell short. In these instances what were the thoughts going through you head leading up to the event and also during it?

Our thoughts are more powerful then we think. Our thoughts will lead to our actions. Our thoughts are also one of the hardest things to get control over. The easiest thing in the world is to be hard on ourselves, discredit ourselves, and for that matter, allow ourselves to fall short. Why?

John Landy was on a quest to run a sub 4-minute mile. In the spring of 1954, after years of attempts he kept falling short. In all these attempts, Landy was running a 4:02 mile. At this juncture, nobody had ever run a sub 4- minute mile. Landy, then exhausted by the attempts said “Frankly, I think the four- minute mile is beyond my capabilities. Two seconds may not sound much, but to me it’s like trying to break through a brick wall.”

Then, less then two months after making that comment, Landy ran a 3:57.9 mile. So, what was it that changed his situation? Well, for one, someone else broke the 4-minute mile. Roger Bannister, blazed the trail and ran the first ever sub 4-minute mile.

I cannot get into Landy’s head and give you reasons as to why this occurred. However, I can assume that he then relieved pressure, was able to let go, and in his mind he was chasing with nothing to loose. Again, that is all I can presume. However, you can see where I am going with this.

Change your thoughts. I want you all to truly support yourselves and love yourselves in all your efforts. When you are going after a goal, truly go after it with all you have, and really see how great you can be.

Coach Jay