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Meet Chris Bruno

Posted 04.03.18 by

New York City native, Chris Bruno, comes to CFM as not only our front desk manager greeting you before your workout, but also our in-house social media / marketing director. Many of you have surely seen his work during the CrossFit Open. Additionally, his work has been featured on, as well as various social media outlets, capturing the emotion and joy of our sport. Chris has developed a groundbreaking style with his work after being introduced to CrossFit back in 2011.

Bruno Combines a sharp eye with modern technology and a non-traditional approach to photography and cinema. This seamlessly meshes with his philosophy of creating unique stories to celebrate each athlete he films/photographs. To Chris, capturing the essence of emotion and camaraderie in every individual and his/her surroundings results in developing a totally unparalleled piece
of work.

Chris has built a solid foundation for his work while working for ESPN and Frame: Runner Post, Jason Groupp Photography, as well as projects for HBO, ESPNNews, Comedy Central, MTV, and Alfred-Angelo Fashion. His work has been featured with CrossFit, inc., Men’s Fitness, Oxygen Magazine, Virus International, and Lurong Living. You can see more of Chris’s work at C|BRUNO PHOTO.


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