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The other day I was listening to a podcast by Justin Su’a, and he was discussing social skills that lead to being a better leader. I thought these fifteen skills were pretty solid to living a better life and positively affecting all those around you.

1. Speak less and ask more questions.
2. Celebrate other peoples wins.
3. In a group setting, stay focused on the moment.
4. Make eye contact, and understand why some people will not make eye contact.
5. Show positive body language. Don’t appear to be closed off, and stand closed off.
6. Pay attention to the details.
7. Praise people’s strengths.
8. Build other people up they are not around.
9. Listen to people’s voices.
10. Smile more.
11. Be polite, to everyone.. not
12. Provide value.
13. Say nothing. Sometimes you don’t always need to have an opinion or a solution.
14. Focus on the bright side of things of things. See the opportunity and the learning that occurred.
15. See the good in people and the world. This will lead to a better place and a higher desire to help others.

The thing is, we are all leaders. We all have the power to help those around us and positively affect each person that comes in contact with us. For those of us who are in a position of power, remember, you can never demand power. True power and leadership doesn’t come from a position. It comes from with in and your ability to not only lead, but be lead and distribute power.

If you follow these fifteen skills you will be on the right path of making your environment a better one.

Onward –
Coach Jay