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The Connection

Posted 01.18.18 by

Everyday does not need to be a personal best.

~and that is okay~

The best aspect of fitness pertains around the journey, not the destination. Fitness is an ever evolving aspect of your life that encompasses the physical, spiritual, and the psychological. As you evolve, so to does the journey of fitness, and your path that you are set out on.

One of the most influential moments in my fitness path occurred when I looked at it as such. I stopped thinking about needing to prove my worth by how good I did in the gym, and I approached it as an all encompassing journey that evolved around my “inner globe.”

Now, I’m not trying to be all weird with the term “inner globe,” that may have stemmed from a lack of vocabulary to add into this blog, lol. What I am referring to, is the notion that your fitness journey, your time in the gym, your effort is predicated by your life. You see, everything is connected and intertwined. Like Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (editors note.. a fantastic movie). Like “Ego” it all can work against you, or it can work together. If you can get your “globe” to work together then your path will light up with possibilities and new destinations.

So, understand that everything is connected and works together. The physical, mental, and spiritual that connects with fitness, also connects with your life. These two “umbrellas:” then connect to paint your picture. When you can appreciate the intermingles of it all, then you will be able to plot your journey with a finer tip pen.

Yes, there are a lot, and probably too many metaphors in the above blog, haha.

Simply put, do not treat the gym as a one and done deal. Understand that fitness is all encompassing based around you and only you. Enjoy your time in the gym, and learn how to connect it to everything else you have going on. This will help to keep your intentions on the right path, and not put too much pressure on your self. The journey should be fun and enjoyable with no pre conceived notions about performance and “need” to achieve a certain score. Rather, the deeper connection to your life.

Coach Jay –