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Staying focused

Posted 01.05.18 by

Staying Focused
You can always do something. No matter how small, there is always something you can work on. Recently I was confronted with a small set back, when it comes to my own fitness I can be a hypocrite, big surprise, I think we all have given advice to others in which we seldom follow ourselves. Although I am here to tell you that I am following the advice of someone else and its one of the smartest things I’ve done in a while.
Setting goals for the new year is the cool thing to do. That means whether you have actually written them down, told them to someone, or just thought about them. I am telling you that you will absolutely face set backs. And I challenge you to understand that set back, and never let it actually set you back. If a goal is important enough to you, there will be more than one way to advance toward to reward at the end.
If its fitness related (shocker) then there is really nothing stopping you from meeting your goals if its important enough to you. It just may mean, from time to time, those goals need a touch up. A slight refocus, or even a change of pace. My point is always focus on what you can do. There will always be things in which you feel like get away from you or you may not be able to do at this current point in time. So change your view to those things that will make a difference, that may not be the fun part of chasing the goal, but will ensure you make nonstop progress. So when you can begin to get back after your goals the way you want to, you’re picking up better than were you left off.
Stay Hungry
– Trevor James