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The Muscle Snatch

Posted 11.01.17 by

Written by Coach Trevor James

“I thought you said I shouldn’t muscle it up?” Exactly! I did say that! However, when working specific drills, we need to understand how to control the bar through the path that it will be taking when we do add a bit of finesse.

One of the biggest misconceptions with the snatch is the idea of floating or weightlessness. Yes there is a point in time where the bar is neither moving up or down which is where the weightlessness comes from. But I never want to see a disconnect from the barbell. You are either always pulling on the bar, or pushing the bar. This is why we use the muscle snatch as a drill to help transfer over to the power snatch or full snatch.

The other reason the muscle snatch is so useful is for the strengthening of the shoulder girdle. When done very slowly the muscle snatch can be very taxing on the shoulders and can limit weight moving immensely. Although when we add a little speed by using the hips, we can increase the weight and allow the shoulders to adapt to the demands of snatching heavier weights.

Snatching heavy is arguably one of the coolest things you can do in CrossFit and the sport of fitness. Building a foundation will make the process even more exciting and long lasting. Work hard, have fun, get strong.