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Moving Day

Posted 11.22.17 by

Hey CFM Family –

I wanted to let everyone know the excited news that is happening this weekend! We are finally moving into the new location, 333 Quarry Road, Milford CT. This location is only six hundred meters away from where we are now, right past our 400m marker (the stop sign) .

Our new home is going to be the new and improved CFM headquarters, and I cannot wait to show it to everyone! Stay tuned on my instagram story starting Friday as I drop hints as to what is in store!

With that being said, we are going to be shotgunning the move this weekend. So, below is what the schedule will look like for the move.

1. Friday – start of the Rig set up
2. Saturday – from 1-5 pm equipment sale and beginning of the move with the larger equipment and current location clean out
3. Sunday – 12- 5 continue with the move and current gym clear out
4. Monday – Tuesday – gym will be closed and we will look to finish the move on these two days from the hours of 9-5
5. Wednesday the 29th, will be the soft opening with normal class schedule resuming on this day.

Any help that anybody can give with assisting in the move would be greatly appreciated. There is no need to sign up for times, just show up and lend a hand if you can!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving…

Here is to another great 10 years of CrossFit Milford!

Coach Jay