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Cultivate your bamboo

Posted 11.16.17 by

Bamboo trees are a spectacular site to be seen in any setting. However, their process to get to where they are is very specific for that tree. To properly grow a tree the Gardner needs to take into account the climate, rainfall, light, temperature, humidity, wind and soil. Once the Gardner plants the tree the bamboo will take a good amount of time to “take” to the factors. However, the more diligent and true the grander stays to the process for the tree and adjust for the climate changes and factors then when everything comes together the bamboo tree will grow taller and faster then anything else, some up to 3-5 inches in a year. Bamboo takes about three years to get established. Once established the new shoots that emerge in the Spring (they will still only grow for 60 days) will continue to get bigger and more numerous from year to year as the colony grows towards maturity. It takes a varying number of years (4-15) for different species to reach their maximum size.

Do you see where I am going with this?

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.”

You need to look at your fitness and development in health as a bamboo tree. The steps line up the same;
1. Line up your goals.
2. Establish your why’s and develop a road map to get there.
3. Work with a nutritionist to make sure you are eating correctly for your body and your goals.
4. Get on a good exercise plan.
5. Establish your right environment. Be around like minded people who want you to succeed and are being supported.
6. Find a good gardner. Make sure you are working with professionals that truly know and care about your plan and you.
7. Get up each day and DO. Each day get up and do the right thing to get closer to your goal.

Be disciplined to continually pursue your goals and work towards them. Sooner or later, this will all become habit. Once it becomes habit then you will start cultivating your own bamboo and will see amazing growth towards your goal(s).

For that to happen, remember to stay in contact with your coach to make adjustments as you need to.

Also, learn how to step back and truly see how far you have come. Learn to appreciate your hard work and appreciate your growth.

Onward –
Coach Jay