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Upcoming Seminars for CFM members

Posted 10.12.17 by

Hey CrossFit Milford. I wanted to get a note out to everyone about some free seminars that I am hosting. These seminars will run one time a month from November to February. They will take place on Saturday and will run from 10:00 am to 10:30 am. These seminars are only for CrossFit Milford members.

With the time line being so quick to do these there is going to be a cap. I can only allow 20 people per seminar. You can reserve your spot on a first come, first to sign up basis at the front desk. It is also okay to put your name on multiple sheets.

The seminars will run as follows:

November 4th – Double unders. Learn how to properly size your rope, hold your hands/arms, and how to perform double unders.

December 16th – Rowing. Just like performing a snatch, there is technique to rowing. Learn how to row properly and become more efficient.

January 20th – Pull ups. Learn to to perform kipping pull ups and how this translate into butterfly pull ups.

February 17th – Technique. In this seminar we will be going over lifting technique for the snatch and the clean. This will focus on the three basics pulls (off the ground, knee to ext., and getting under the bar).

I look forward to getting after our fall clinic series with everyone!

Coach Jay


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