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Pre-Cautious Optimism

Posted 10.30.17 by

Written by Coach Ryan Kononchik

Everyday I have conversations with clients who have concerns about certain things that may be bothering them physically. It is usually some sort of ache that has recently started to bother them or something that has flared back up. I dont mind these conversations, in fact, I often look forward to the challenge of helping them work around their ailment. It allows me to become better as a coach and help others with similiar problems.

My only issue with the conversation is that sometimes athletes wait far too long to have that talk with one of the coaches. We pride ourselves on being great coaches and use educated guesses on what the problem may be. But sometimes more professional intervention is needed. Despite our best efforts to warm up, stretch, correct form, sometimes injuries small or large are unavoidable as they are in every sport.

You may not be experiencing any such injury or ailment presently, but some things to keep in mind moving forward as you progress:

Stretch! If you show up late, dont rush, take the time to warm up your bodily properly. Also dont be the first one to leave, spend a few minutes to hit the muscles/joints you just worked in class.

Hot/Cold Therapy! This is your best friend and the most common sense method to help bring blood to affected areas. Ask a coach depending on your situation what would be the best strategy for use.
If you feel something, say something! Dont ignore even the smallest of aches. After years of being at the competition level, I can tell you that I have learned my lesson. The few minutes a day using prevention methods is way better than the hours and money needed to fix it later on.

We can modify for you! Each workout at our facility is easily changed to fit your current fitness level, including injuries/ailments. Don’t be afraid you will miss out on the “RX’d” WOD; we’d rather have you healthier in the long run than make it worse by pushing too far.

Seek a Professional! Dont try to push through because “it feels good today.” If it’s been bothering you for a while despite your efforts, it will more than likely continue or become worse.