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In Line With Self

Posted 10.26.17 by

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”

As the fall is approaching us I think it is a good time to sit down and re-evaluate goals and aspirations. I usually like to do this in the morning as part of my morning routine. This time is when my mind is the freshest and less cluttered from the day’s events and ideas.

So, I sit down, go through my routine, then I grab a pen and paper and start to list my goals and purposes with my goals. Once this is done, I don’t store it as fact, I usually sit on this for a day or two and revise it two to three times before I mentally check it as a foundation. Why do I do that? Usually because I want to make sure that this list is not swayed by a mood or instance that occurred. I want to really make sure that the personal reflection is thought out and honest.

What I usually find is that through the quarterly checks. Yes quarterly, because with any goals you need to give them time. You need to develop the road map and then give yourself time to travel it. Too often people jump from path to path and don’t allow any time to really connect with their journey. Anyways, what I find is that some of the goals are the same. Meaning, my purpose and foundation is usually rooted in the same path, but some of the branches that grow from this tree might sway a different direction. This all allows me to self reflect, and it gives me the ability to truly look inside to see where I want to go.

Why is this important to do each quarter?

Simply put, if your purpose doesn’t line up with what your doing, then you are going to be spinning your wheels each day and loose drive and motivation to get anything done.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver then you believe, and stronger then you seem, and smarter than you think.”
~Christopher Robin

This allows you to revisit your purpose when things get tough, or you reach a road block. By revising this you can narrow your focus/site and get more strategic, reflect, adjust, and move forward. Without the purpose and/or ambition backing your journey then road blocks, struggle, and lack of drive will seem prevalent.

Reflect! Make sure that you are doing what you want to do. What your passion is rooted in. What moves your soul to be a better version of yourself each day. Reflect on this every few months and make sure it is all aligned. Lastly, continue to move forward each day, one small step at a time.

~Coach Jay