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“Postpone joy, it will diminish. Postpone a problem, it will grow.”
~Paulo Coelho

I came across this quote during one of my daily readings and it really got me thinking a bit more. What I thought about was how often we try to diminish our accomplishments and how much we keep in our issues. So, this message is about it being okay. Meaning, it’s okay to enjoy the good that you do.

I feel like people have this idea that if they embrace and enjoy an accomplishment then they are often viewed as selfish, or for that matter narcissistic. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there is this squeed view on emotions and these are to be kept inside and not dealt with.

So, what I want you all to do is two fold;
1. Embrace you emotions that lead to joy. When you are happy show it. When you accomplish your goals allow yourself to feel joy and happiness. If you don’t reach for the cookie, if you get up and get to the gym when you didn’t want to, when you walk through the doors for the first time, if you get your first pull up, etc.. All these steps take you one step closer to your goal(s). These are the most important steps. These are the little things that build up to the ultimate goal you have. Allow yourself to feel the joy from this, allow yourself to express your happiness for this. The emotional connection will lead to habit as you grow accustomed to a good response from an action. This good habit will form and become routine and will burn your fire to continually do more towards your goal.
2. Embrace your emotions that you feel cause a problem. Get out of the mindset that if you don’t talk about it then it will go away. Nine times out of ten, this issue that you are not talking about will just continue to grow and get worse. On the flip side, when issues are discussed and talked about there is a resolution. This resolution occurs through both parties coming to an understanding, or you being able to get it off your chest and emotionally being able to move on from it. The key with both instances occur in being able to move on. Discussing issue will only stop the growth when you can move on with a resolution. If you hold stuff in, then this problem will develop a sense of self and consumption that will take a lot of you.

This can all occur in a daily 5 minute journal. Each morning list the good, list the joy, list the steps for the day to make it successful. Each evening list what you accomplished and list how you can make the day even better. Both moments take three to five minutes out of your day. However, the mindset that this can put you in will lead to timeless development.

Onward –
Coach Jay


  1. We can be registered to act ultra modestly, to not let ourselves shine-but why? We are fearful of what others may think of us, assumptions and criticisms that can come from it, when really we are expressing feelings that are intended to be shared and embraced. When I feel joy from accomplishment, I want to encourage and inspire those around me-lead from the heart. An example of my own: For 8 years, I have been a guide runner- not until the 4th year did I post or bring this up in conversation- fear got in my way. Now I look at fear as a trigger for more, for something positive. Since I’ve shared my story, I have coached others and influenced more people to become guide runners. My joy.

    ​Your turn:)

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