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The long game

Posted 09.14.17 by

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”
Tony Robbins

What is needed for change?

There needs to be a burning flame inside your soul purpose. Everyone’s purpose is different and usually no matter what remarks are made, conversations are had, and or questions are asked; the truly only thing that sparks this flame and keeps it burning is the reason. Meaning, the reason for doing something must drive you. If the reason doesn’t drive you then the time needed for change will suddenly become too long, or not there.

As we all get into the fall season it is natural for priorities to shift, demands change, and schedules get adjusted. Through these natural progressions of life, elements arise that can alter the way we see things. So, below are some quick things you should do during the start of this season to keep you on track with your fitness/lifestyle priorities.

1. Take 10 minutes to sit down and journal your top two goals for this season. I say top two because that will allow the task to not seem so daunting. I am a huge proponent of shooting for the stars. However, if that task prevents you from getting started, then aim for the hill and keep climbing the mountain.
2. Once you write down your two-three main goals, take a second to rest, and then divide your road map for success. For some of you it might mean establishing who you should talk to in order to help you get a plan in place. For others of you it might entail listed new additions to your life in order to get closer to a goal. However, establishing your plan and then putting this plan in place is key.
3. Put the wheels in motion. I personally am a fan of jumping off the cliff and building the airplane on the way down. However, I know many people are not like this. The key to the plan is getting started. Whether this means jumping, or it means establishing a new step in the right direction.
4. One thing. List one thing that you can do each day to get your wheels picking up steam. Don’t worry about a long list of things that need to happen. One thing. One thing will add up to huge dividends in the long run.
5. Find the excitement and keep the excitement.

Every three to four months you should plan to sit down and re-write your road map to achieving your goals. Times and schedules change, and you might need to take a different road to stay engaged and not get held up.

Coach Jay