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Negative Self Talk

Posted 09.12.17 by

Written by Coach Albie Secondi
The other day, a member came up to me to talk about a previous workout from last week. He was disappointed because he came in dead last. He told me that he went home that night and talked to one of his friends about how he did, and his friend said to him, “well of course you came in last, you’re slow, you’re overweight, and you’re weak.” Some friend, huh? Now, what if I told you that wasn’t actually what his friend said, those were the thoughts running through his mind while he was working out. Oh, well that’s ok then…right?
We have all been there, and you’re lying if you say you haven’t.  I’m talking about negative self talk.  Mile runs, 2K rows, 150 wall balls, whatever the workout is, it can be so easy to get into your head and start spewing negative bullshit. Why do we think it is ok when we to talk down to ourselves, but would slap our friend across the face if they ever said something like that to us?
Now, don’t get me wrong, we all need to take responsibility for our actions and for the decisions we make, but not in such a self critical manner. Negative talk may work every now and then, but when it develops into a habit, it can become a serious hinderance.  I remember last year, during the holidays, not working out for almost three weeks for no reason. I remember the first day back in the gym constantly telling myself I was a lazy “P.O.S” over and over again. It made me angry, but I was able to use that negative energy to push me through my workout.  However, that type of energy is completely unsustainable and will only end up bringing you down in the long run.  We are all going to have a bad day, or days, at some point, but next time you decide to be critical of yourself, be constructive.  Try and figure out what went wrong and what you can do differently next time to improve. Create a mindset of constantly trying to get better and you absolutely will.