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Morning Routine

Posted 09.28.17 by

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. 
— John C. Maxwell

Do you have a morning routine? A Morning routine sets the tone of the whole day. Too often people consider themselves night owls, or they sleep into the last moment they need to wake up and then it turns into a sprint for the entire morning until you rush out the door.

Often times this leaves you stressed out before your day even gets started. Then, this leads into turning the day over to what needs to get done for work and there was no true prep work for yourself.

Setting a morning routine for yourself, and having it change as little as possible can set you up for success and put the pieces in order for the start of your day. Granted this requires being able to get to sleep a bit earlier, and getting good sound sleep throughout the night. However, when you are able to set this, and create this habit you will set yourself up for a great day.

Knowing how your day will start will empower you and also get you accomplishing tasks right away and tasks that have direct benefit to you.

Below is an example of my day. This is what works for me, and what I have adjusted throughout the years. This routine gets me in a good place and ready for the day. My day starts at 5:20 each day. This gives me 60 minutes before the kids wake up.

The first 60 minutes of my day:
1. I wake up and drink 8-10 oz of water.
2. A little light stretching and moving to get my back working.
3. Take the Elliot (our dog) outside for his and mine morning movement.
4. Get the coffee set and ready to go for Joce (my wife) and I.
5. I mediate for 5 minutes with specific breathing protocols.
6. Reflect on the day before and write goals for current day in my journal.
7. Sip my coffee and I read/study or write until the kids wake up.

Usually this takes me to 6:30 and the kids are started the stir. Then we begin our family morning and get everyone ready for work/school. I try to not look at email and waste time on social media. Both of which I have found can put me in a wrong emotional state and or waste time of my morning ritual.

What I do is not for everyone. This is what I have settled into over the years of experimentation. Everyone should work on a morning routine and stick to it.. even on the weekends. This will only set you, your day, and your life up for success.

Onward –
Coach Jay